Rebekah Burgess

I started working for Hospices of Hope midway through 2017. In 2018 I was invited to join my colleagues on the Bucharest Holiday Club, to see first-hand what the money I had been working to raise, provides.

It was amazing.

I got to know each and every one of the children and also made friends with the Romanian volunteers. Language was no barrier, with the children taking pleasure in hosting Romanian lessons.

I would love to attend again this year. I am also being joined by my mother and friend and I am so incredibly excited to see them get to experience this for the first time too.

Please help me acheive my total fundraising goal. The money raised also buys a place for one of the children on the trip, so your money is incredibly important!
Thank you so much!

Check out the video from last year's Bucharest Holiday Club!

Rebekah Burgess