Every year in Serbia around 20 000 people die of cancer. Even though medical staff is dedicated and working under incredibly hard conditions, there is simply not enough resources for a proper care, and hence the mortality rate from cancer is high.

One of the areas that is most underfunded, and stretched to its limits is palliative care. It is hard to imagine that in 21st century in Europe there are cancer patients, some of them terminally ill, that do not get much of a support.

Belhospice is trying to change that, and to provide support and help for cancer patients and their family members in Serbia. Belhospice is non-profit organization; and they are doing a great job, and provide those who need it most the support when they need it most!

There won't be a better gift for me for my birthday than donation to Belhospice; and I am truly grateful for any donation you make!

Vladimir & Jelena Mijatovic