How do I edit personal details on my account?

To edit personal details and upload a picture to your account, click here: Make sure you are logged in before clicking on this link. Alternatively, you can find the link at the bottom of our website here:

 In the ‘My Details’ section you will be able to:

  • Change the first and last name
  • Change the email address and password associated with the account
  • Edit or upload a picture profile
  • Add or edit contact details such as home address and phone number
  • Add personal details such as date of birth, gender, job title
  • Edit contact preferences.

Once you have updated any details, make sure you click Update at the bottom of the page to ensure any changes are saved.

How do I edit my fundraising page?

Have you recently made a fundraising page and would now like to change items on it?

To edit your page, go to your 'My Details' section, as shown above. There, you will see a list of your details, as well as a list of your existing fundraiser pages on the right hand side.

To edit one of these pages, simply click on your chosen page. From there it will allow you to edit your page.