Hi, I'm Emily. I first heard about Hospices of Hope through Oliver Postgate who created Bagpuss with my father Peter Firmin. 

Oliver was invited to attend the opening of the new Bagpuss wing at Casa Sperentei for which he had donated money to fund the building of the new wing. He had decided he was not well enough to go on the journey, I offered to go on his behalf, and film it for him to see. 

The  journey to Brasov with my partner Justin was long and quite eventful. On arrival in Brasov, the team organising the visit were superb. We were given a tour of the Hospice and met many patients and were very impressed with the care and help they provided. Filming it for Oliver Postgate meant he could see the good work made possible with his funding.

Now my father and Oliver have passed away,  I feel passionate about helping Hospices of Hope as much as I can, having seen the poverty, and difficulties the average Romanian lives with day to day. The Hospice in Brasov is such a special place and the teams that work there are incredible, hard working, fantastic people.

A special memory for me would be showing my father and Oliver, the film of the marvellous new wing of the Hospice and seeing Bagpuss's image peering back from the floor, walls and even giant fluffy chairs that the children could relax in. It was so special.

Having worked with this great charity on behalf of Oliver Postgate with the lovely Bagpuss and his mice team is a great honour. Please donate as much as you can.

Team up with Bagpuss to help make people's lives happier.