Some of the services we provide include: 


Education and Training

Hospice care training is only an optional part of medical training except for oncologists working in in-patient units. Hospice Casa Sperantei works with organisations such as universities to change this and make palliative care a compulsory aspect of training.  

Hospice Casa Sperantei has two educational centres - the Princess Diana Study Centre in Brasov and a centre in the Bucharest Hospice. When fully operational there will be a paediatric educational centre at the children's centre, Copaceni.

HCS offers courses to a wide range of medical professionals and has trained more than 11,000 medical professionals in hospice care techniques from across Romania and other countries.  Many of the professionals we train return to their practices and integrate this training into their work.  This means that more terminally ill patients receive help. For example, the CEO of Hospice Emanuel trained at Brasov and then set up our partner hospice in Oradea.  

Although there is still a long way to go wards in 20 out of 41 counties in Romania now follow the hospice care model we introduced into Romania.



Hospice Casa Sperantei works with the national health authority to develop national hospice services. Our National Development Department is working with the authority and other organisations to integrate hospice care into standard medical training.  

Through lobbying we have achieved major improvements in end of life care legislation and medical standards. When we first started our work in Romania the use of opiate based pain relief was banned and one of our major achievements was to successfully lobby for its legalisation.    

In 2018 HCS had a major success as, following advice from HCS, the Romanian government prescribed standard requirements for palliative care units in Romania.  

Hospice schools 

We have schools in both our Brasov and Bucharest hospices. These facilities help children who are patients or carers keep up with their studies. 

Thanks to the sponsorship of German retailers, Kaufland, our Bucharest hospice has a thriving school with 40 students aged between 5 and 17. The students are patients, their siblings and relatives of our adult patients whose schooling suffers because of the responsibilities they take on as carers. 

One former patient, Catia, has won a scholarship to Manchester University in the UK. 

"I love this school because I feel the teacher really understands me" (R, 7 years old)
"Everything seems so easy here," (F, 13 years old)
"I love it here because it helped me discover my potential," (A, 13 years old)