We are dedicated to improving the lives of the terminally ill in South East Europe and we cannot do this without the help of our generous supporters, which is why we value your trust so highly.  

We have created our Fundraising Promise so that you can feel confident about how we deal with your donation and with you as a supporter.   

We promise

  • We will never sell or pass your contact details or other personal information to anyone outside of Hospices of Hope without your express consent.  (We regard the completion of a Gift Aid declaration as consent to share details on that declaration with HMRC if we are asked to do so)

  • If we phone you, we will always check you are happy to take the call.

  • We would like to keep you updated about our work but will only contact you if you have agreed to this.  We will only contact through channels you have told us are acceptable to you.  You can indicate your preference by completing this form, contacting [email protected] or phoning 01959 525110.

  • We will change how we communicate with you, or stop all communication, if you ask us to do so.

  •  We do not engage in cold-calling individuals or door to door fundraising.

  • We will do our best to ensure that you do not feel pressurised to support our work.

  • All our activities, and those of our country partners, are open, fair, honest and legal.

  • We will regularly review our records and remove your data if we have not heard from you for more than two years (excluding data we are legally required to retain such as Gift Aid records)  

  • To use your donation(s) responsibly and wherever practical respect your wishes if you would like to allocate your donation to a particular area of our work.


We believe that our Fundraising Promise should assure you that we respect your wishes and that we will act responsibly and fairly.  However if you feel we have failed to do this please contact us with your concerns either by completing this form, phoning 01959 525110 or emailing [email protected]

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