My previous employments are: Childminder, Administrator, Book-keeper. I come from Romania and before Hospices of Hope I was doing childminding

My job role is that of being a book-keeper at Hospices of Hope and help the accountant to keep a good record of the accounts by reconciling all bank accounts, making sure that Sage and HQN income reports reconcile and all donations received are posted correctly into the correspondent accounts. I also deal with filing all bank statements and post all income and expenditure into the Sage account system, checking Gift Aid Forms and  claiming Gift Aid .

I joined Hospices of Hope first as an office volunteer and was amazed by the incredible achievements and commitment of the charity. I am also Romanian and understand the situation at home and how difficult it is to get palliative care and so I hoped that I could help by joining HoH.

I think all the charity events are really well organised and enjoyed taking part in, either as a volunteer or guest, particularly the James Bond Night, Fun Run and Christmas Wreath Making . There is a bit of fun for everyone in each event.  

I am hoping that one day I could organise an event for the charity to raise funds for the children that need palliative care and in the future take part in one of their lovely summer campsJ  

Hobbies and things I like: Dance (Zumba class), numbers, outdoors walks, dogs, travelling, kids, food, dreaming of one day swimming with a dolphin) and travel the world!

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