Hi, I'm Cristina. I joined the Hospice team few months after the opening of the headquarters in Brasov as in-patient Hospice Manager. The team was in full process of development so we grew together. Now I am holding the responsibility for all the clinical services provided in Brasov, Zarnesti and Fagaras, in inpatients units and out patients

The first time I heard about HOSPICE was from a friend, a nurse who intended to work there. I originally said “I could never work there”, but then I soon discovered myself working with ostomists (majority of them having the stoma because of a cancer) and being thankful for the difference I could make in their life as a nurse. When Malina asked me if I would join the team, I discovered a place vibrating with life, living the emotions of life to the fullest and unconditionally putting the patient first. If emergency surgery was my first love, when I met HOSPICE and its team, palliative care soon overtook it.

A great memory I have was the opportunity to meet Professor Mary Baines in a training visit provided and organised by Hospices of Hope. Driving back from a pleasant lunch we were caught in a traffic jam. With her charming but firm way of being, with perseverance and professionalism, as the time came to start the new teaching session, sitting in the car and then in the way back, she started the symptom control session on constipation and diarrhoea- a lesson which I would never forget!

Another memory was being on duty when a lady was admitted in the in-patient unit. She was cared at home by her lovingly daughter (an adolescent), Roxana, who accompanied her. She was very weak as the disease was in an advanced stage. At home Roxana couldn’t provide her neither with good symptom management, proper hygiene or mobilization. Right at the admission, after the assessment and administering some pain killers, we asked her if she would like a bath and we prepared for her, on the special bath tube for disabled people a pampering bath, full of foam. A volunteer trimmed a little her neglected hair. She turned to Roxana and said: “I didn’t imagine I can reach the Heaven before I taste the death. “