Our vision is for everyone suffering from terminal or life-limiting illness in South East Europe to receive specialist hospice care so that they can live and die with dignity and without pain.

We could not achieve that vision if we did not work with our country partners.  Their expertise and local knowledge mean that high quality services are delivered to patients.  It also means that we can work more effectively with national organisations to achieve national strategies on end of life care.

The nature of the partnership varies from country to country but we always ensure that our values and those of the Hospice movement are adopted by our country partners.

Hospice Casa Sperantei

Hospice Casa Sperantei was registered in 1992 as the first Romanian hospice charity. Our Founder, Graham Perolls CMG, OBE, is the President of the Board. When we first established Hospice Casa Sperantei it was 100% reliant on us for funding. It now generates 90% of its own income. 



BELhospice is an independent charity registered in Serbia. It was founded by Dr Natasa Milicevic in 2004. It has its own Board of Trustees and Hospices of Hope has a representative on the Board. We are therefore involved in all strategic decisions made by BELhospice. 

We are raising capital funds for the new hospice and have pledged to raise £450,000 of the total amount needed (£1,128,000).


Hospices of Hope, Moldova

Hospices of Hope, Moldova is wholly owned by us and is registered as a charitable organisation in Moldova. We completed the registration process in 2017. Through Hospices of Hope, Moldova we work with small independent hospice care organisations to help them deliver services in areas outside the capital. We fund the costs of Hospices of Hope, Moldova directly but part of the country manager’s role is help make the organisation self-sufficient through fundraising activities.   


All country partners are independently audited by internationally recognised accountancy firms. In addition to this external auditing we check the financial records for our country partners. Hospice Casa Sperantei and BELhospice publish annual reports. Hospices of Hope, Moldova will start to do this when it has operated for a full financial year.