Help Bagpuss to mend childrens lives.

Our Children’s wing costs £215,000 a year to run, that’s £589 a day.  You could fund the Bagpuss Wing for 1 day by raising £600 over the next 12 months.


Are you thinking……..

£600 is a lot, how can I raise that in a year? 

People are fed up of me asking for sponsorship.

There are other charities I give to.


Let’s have a look at how you can help me to raise £600.

You can raise the £600 however you like, it could be a daily amount, £600 over 365 day is just £1.64, that’s less than a Costa or Starbucks!  Why not stop buying your coffee each day and make one at home to take with you.

You don’t have to ask for sponsorship, even if you put £1 a day in to a pot, over the course of a year you’d have £300 which is only £300 to raise, how about a Bagpuss Bake, host a coffee morning or afternoon tea and ask your friends to donate for their coffee and cake.

You could host a Dinner Party/Girls Night IN! - An event which can be hosted all year round, a dinner party can be adapted to appeal to most people. Keep in mind the timing of your event, if you're hosting in January why not throw a healthy food dinner party to appeal to all those trying to kick bad habits in the new year, or pick a theme, perhaps food from your favourite holiday destination or movie themed food. Just invite your friends round and ask them to donate the amount they would usually spend on a night out.

Jess and Jess both raised £1,140 when they hosted an afternoon tea for their friends!

Have a look at our fundraising ideas to see how you could raise your £600

Fundraising Ideas