Caroline Rose

I went to school with Esther, one of Graham's daughters and she invited me with my sister and a couple of friends to go to Romania to volunteer at the Hospice of Hope for 10 days over the summer. We volunteered in the centre and visited some of the children in their homes. It was very rewarding and eye opening. 

I first heard about the Hospice of Hope through Esther as her dad Graham is the founder of the charity. There were often fundraisers happening for the hospice and Esther thought we would enjoy and benefit from being a part of the team that volunteers. We needed to raise the money to go out to Romania and work alongside the Romania staff and meet the children that benefit from the centre. 

I remember meeting a young boy in a wheelchair who was a cheeky character but through me learning the odd word or phrase in Romanian, we managed to have lots of giggles! Its amazing the bond you can form in just 10 days. We also went to visit him in his home and realised how far some of the children have to travel and how little the families have, to look after their children, especially with their additional health needs. He still kept smiling! 

Graham and his family and teams work tirelessly for Hospices of Hope and the benefit of the children. It is incredible and inspirational.