Hi, I'm Brigid and I am the manager of the Hospices of Hope shop in East Grinstead. I started as a customer then a volunteer before becoming asst manager in 2015 and then Manager. 

In 2012 my son & daughter went to volunteer at the Summer Camp in Romania. I fundraised to pay for their trip and was inspired when I heard their stories of the wonderful time they had and all the great children and volunteers on the trip. I was a carer for my parents until 2014 and then started helping out in the shop as a volunteer.

After my mother died I was offered the job of Asst Manager working 2 days a week. Since then I have become more involved and am currently the Manager working 4 days a week.

I was very lucky to get the chance to go to Romania to see the work of the charity in April 2018. We went Sun-Wed. We stayed at the Education centre in Brasov and visited the Hospice there. I was fortunate to be able to go out with one of the social workers Irina on her visits. I was struck by how important her role was to her families. She was their only source of advice and practical help and she took me with her when she visited the local council offices to push for financial help for one of her families. The memory of Irina and the vital lifeline she provides has stayed with me ever since. Her families were in great need and she fought for them to make life easier.  We also visited the hospice in Bucharest and saw the brilliant facilities that are available for them. We also were really lucky to go to Copaceni to see the respite care centre which was being prepared for opening. It is a wonderful place and having the chance to see it for myself has made the importance of the charity’s work so much more real and helps me to pass it on to customers and friends. It made me appreciate how lucky we are here in the UK and how much we take for granted. It makes me work harder to maximise the income for the charity

Having seen the work of the professionals in the hospices and in the community makes me want to tell everyone what an amazing charity The Hospices of Hope is and do all I can to raise as much in our shop as I can.