Bojana - BELhospice nurse

I’ve been working for BELhospice for over 12 years now.

When I started it was very difficult for me. Working with terminally ill cancer patients whose only prognosis is death was very hard for a young person and for me professionally.

But I realised that hospice care is not about curing but about caring, easing pain and suffering and offering dignity.  By understanding this, I managed to overcome my concerns and help my patients. I also care for their families who have to cope with the terrible impact of terminal illness. 

By visiting the homes of patients, day by day, I understood that every person is unique and no matter how much I have thought that I haven’t done enough for the patient and the family, thinking that I may have made a mistake, it was always in my mind that in palliative medicine, there cannot be such a sentence as “there is nothing else to be done”, because we always keep asking ourselves “what else can we do for this patient and their family”. To a patient, eye contact, a gesture followed by words or just a touch of affection, are often necessary.

I realised that the most important thing is to build strong trust between the patient and their family, and the BELhospice team.

In the end, I can only say that I am proud of myself, of my role at BELhospice, and that my work with these people has made me a better person who values life more.

Bojana with a patient