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June, 30, 2020

Message from our Chair of Trustees, Marilyn Boggust and Executive Director, Graham Perolls

2019 was a very positive year for Hospices of Hope.

As you will see from this review the year was one of both progress and consolidation. It was a real joy to see the children and young people benefiting from the children’s therapy and respite center at Copaceni. Their excitement and enthusiasm have made the manor house come alive.

It was also a privilege to witness the positive impact that the new day center in Serbia is having on cancer sufferers in Belgrade. It is the first such center in the country and the close relationship that exists between staff and patients is heartwarming.

Funding obtained through us has transformed the five hospice teams in Moldova. There was a significant increase in the numbers of seriously ill people receiving services and the teams now have suitable medical supplies and equipment. The launch of a new project in Albania also went well, despite the huge difficulties faced by the country following the earthquake towards the end of the year.

At the start of 2020 we were aware that there were challenges ahead – particularly financial issues in Romania. But like so many other charities the corona virus pandemic has brought us into a completely new world where we find ourselves fighting for our very existence at a time when vulnerable patients need our services the most.

At this stage of the crisis three things stand out:

• The tremendous support that we have received to our COVID 19 Appeal from supporters both individual and corporate

• The devastating human cost that this virus is having

• The amazing courage and humanity that the staff in our hospice teams are displaying

On behalf of the Trustees we would like to thank all our volunteers, supporters, staff and sponsors for the hard work and support they continue to provide to Hospices of Hope and our country partners. The staff continue to do all they can for vulnerable, precious people, and your support makes this possible.

Marilyn Boggust – Chair of Hospices of Hope’s Trustees

Graham Perolls – Executive Director Hospices of Hope

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