Our Colleague Anna recently attended the Warwick Rotary Club's International Evening called "A Taste of Romania".

The evening began with a welcome to all by President David Smith and in Romanian from Rotaractor Tudor Cismarescu from Bucharest, who has settled in Leamington. The Warwick Hilton Hotel, thanks to their Romanian Chef Andrei, provided a Romanian menu. During the meal many stories were related concerning many attendees involvement with Romania. Some were social including visits to Dracula’s castle in Transylvania, but many also told of how Rotary as an organisation has made a difference to many lives in Romania.

"But the highlight of the evening was hearing about the wonderful work achieved  by Hospices of Hope, a charity supported  by the Club. Anna Perolls daughter of the founder, gave a very passionate, inspiring presentation of the work they do in the field of palliative care in South Eastern Europe for young and old. It was enough to bring tears to many an eye. To those suffering from terminal diseases such as cancer as well as severely disabled children and adults, children with cerebral palsy, awful skin diseases and so many more ailments, the Hospices now established in Romania, Moldova and Serbia are their haven.

They live up to their name of giving hope to so many. A charity so worthy of support and an example of how one person, Anna’s father, Graham, saw a need and was able to achieve so much. 

This is a family run Charity based in Kent, which has made so much impact in 25 years , 30,000 patients have been helped, 20,000 Health Care professionals trained in palliative care. But there is still much to do. Using our Foundation we can really make a contribution and with Rotary Connections we know the funding will go to the project. Warwick’s contribution will sponsor a specialised bed in the Children’s respite centre in Copaceni in Romania and a plaque will acknowledge the Club’s support."

We were very happy to receive £1,000 from Warwick Rotary Club, which will be used to purchase a specialist bed to be used at our children's centre, Copaceni

Thank you!