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January 22, 2018

A team of four fearless Romanians just finished a rowing challenge across the Atlantic to raise funds for Hospices of Hope’s Copaceni project!

Deemed as the world’s toughest row, Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is an annual ocean rowing event that takes those who dare more than 3,000 nautical miles from the Canary Islands to Antigua & Barbuda.

As you can imagine, this is not a race for the faint-hearted, and the Romanian team has been through incredible challenges to conquer the Atlantic. A few days before reaching the final destination, the entire team was able to talk to our friends in Romania and give us the latest on board of Maria.

Vasile Osean

“We are now on the southern route of the crossing, still about 280 miles to go but unfortunately the waves and the winds are not helping us, they are very mild. What we find fascinating is that on this southern route on the east-west direction, there are literally motorways of golden algaes. The weather is fine, sunny, which affects negatively the speed of the boat.”


Ionuţ Olteanu

„The sunrises are more and more beautiful, with spectacular colours, We are struggling with the heat which is stronger and stronger. We are very positive though. We have left most of it behind us, but the hard part is ahead of us J. We are doing our best and we want to get to Antigua as soon as possible, our friends and families are waiting for us there.

Are you going to miss it when you get there?

“YES. Definitely yes! We have seen so many new things, things we weren’t aware of. If nothing else the 34 or 35 sun sets are such a plus for me”

Marius Alexe

„These days feel sweeter, the last ones and every time another one passes the feeling is more pleasant. It’s just that, as Vasi said, there is a downside, the wind is not helping and it’s us that need to compensate and the resources are decreasing by day. We are getting closer, even slowly like this, and this is exciting, we started to think about the last day, last night, first meal, first salad J . Of course the idea of the finish, who is going to be there? The emotional meeting with our families, friends. The days pass slowly but we’ll get there in the end”

Do you ever get bored?

„Never felt bored. You have your 12 hours of rowing and you focus on every move, trying to get the most power from the ocean, focusing on your posture, you get muscle pain, so plenty of food for the thought J. You also get to talk to your rowing partner and that’s the beauty of it because you get to share this. Plus, because we have all these devices we can take pictures, videos etc.I cannot wait to see you all and thank you for all your support!

Andrei Rosu

„Today we had the most special surprise, the children from Hospice called us, the patients, they asked so many questions! How the ocean is like, what animals we got to see, how the weather is, how are we going to get there and so on. We were really happy and motivated, reminded us why we are here and gave us an extra bit of energy and confidence. We cannot wait to see them and show them pictures and videos from here.”

Congratulations and a big Well Done from all of us at Hospices of Hope!

Follow the Atlantic Challenge and our team’s progress here or donate to support their race and our charity here. All funds raised will be used to fund our unique children’s respite and therapy centre at Copaceni, Romania.

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