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March 11, 2019

In 2018 Hospices of Hope opened phase 1 of the new centre BELhospice in Serbia. The centre offers two new services – a day-care centre and an out-patient unit. (Find out more about the opening of BELHospice here)

We would like to share with you a part of the great atmosphere from our newly opened Hospice Day Care Centre.

The centre is now able to offer an innovative service with the help of a 3D Virtual Reality headset. Research shows that this type of virtual experience has a very positive effect on the psycho-physical condition of cancer patients and affords them physical ease and relaxation.

All patients reacted very nicely to this experience and enjoyed their stay in the Day Care Centre.

There is much more essential work that needs to be done in Serbia. As Vera Madzgalj, CEO of Belhospice explained why in a recent interview:

“[Hospice work] is necessary because our institutional health care system is very rigid and does not provide an holistic approach to patients and their families. The system is orientated to cure not to care. It is important to have this human touch when people are suffering.

“As I have already mentioned I think support for the whole family is important. The new centre will provide support for families and, once the in-patient unit is complete, we will be able to provide respite care to give those families a break.”