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Find out about our charity partners in the USA and the work they are doing fundraising for our work providing palliative care services and hospices in Romania, Serbia, Moldova and Albania

December 10, 2018

Two years ago, we set up Hospices of Hope Moldova and started with three existing hospice organisations – Hospice Aripile Sperantei (Wings of Hope) in Orhei, Hospice Angelus in Soroca and Hospice Angelus in Ocnita. These all had seed funding but were struggling to survive.

Thanks to a grant from Medicor Foundation we have turned this around. We have publicly launched the National Programme for Palliative Care with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and the Moldovan government is very supportive of our work.

We are helping these three hospices with staff salaries, medicines, transport and training. Hospices of Hope UK continues to transport donated medical equipment to Moldova.
So far we have:
• Provided medical training to the teams
• Moved Hospice Aripile Sperantei into more suitable
• Planned a similar move for Hospice Angelus in Soroca
• Provided new transport for the home care teams and
have started covering fuel costs (previously staff were
using their own vehicles and having to pay fuel costs
• Fully staffed Hospices of Hope Moldova

Now, thanks to the involvement of one of our most important partners, the BMS Foundation, we have added in June 2018 two further hospice teams to the network.
These are located at Cahul and Taraclia. The services provided in Taraclia had been forced to close so our intervention means these will be starting once again. HOH US Trustee, Jeremy Taglieri, has volunteered for this hospice in the past. We are planning to renovate the in-patient ward in Cahul.

We would like to thank our partners, thanks to their support we were able to offer hugely needed services and develop a model we are hoping to develop and replicate further. Click here if you would like to get involved.