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October 22, 2018

This September, we inaugurated the new medical center at Copaceni.

A tremendous effort over the last 5 years, executed with USD2 mil raised from project sponsors and donations, the Copaceni center, through the various types of services and therapies it offers, is unique not only to Romania but in the region.

Watch the inauguration of Copaceni Respite and Therapy Center

About the project

The Copaceni center is a socio-medical center consisting of a former mansion and five outer buildings located in a picturesque place close to Bucharest. The building was donated to the HOSPICE House of Hope by the Florescu family in 2013 to develop into a center for children and families affected by genetic, life-limiting diseases such as muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis or cancer.

“This is a place in which we hope and pray that children facing difficult situations and their families will feel supported, loved and welcome.”
Graham Perolls, CMG. OBE, Founder of Hospices of Hope and President of Hospice Casa Sperantei 

The Copaceni center highlights

  • 6 apartments that offer temporary accommodation to families who care for a sick child and have difficulty finding a roof.
  • A 12-bed unit for palliative care for the sick and a home care team that provides treatment for patients in their own home.
  • Day center for various therapies and educational opportunities as well as a venue for summer camps.
  • Therapy Center for Families.

While the Copaceni center will offer unique support to many children and their families, it is still just a drop in an ocean of need.

“The life of a child, no matter how short, changes humanity forever. Most of our patients have been received the terrifying “we are sorry, there is nothing more we can do” from a medical specialist but the truth is there is very much we can offer to these cases in order to improve quality of life to those suffering from terminal or life debilitating illnesses.”
Mirela Nemtanu, CEO Hospice Casa Sperantei

With more than 5,000 children living with a limiting disease in Bucharest and the surrounding area, over 8,000 parents involved in the care of sick children without proper support and numerous families with sick children struggling with poverty, our work in the area is far from done.

This year we celebrate 26 years since founder Graham Perolls had the vision to start the Hospices of Hope project that remains the only organisation offering complete palliative services in Romania.

Find out more about Copaceni center here,

If you would like to help

If you would be interested in volunteering on a summer camp should contact Anna Perolls. There are still some naming rights available and some equipment is needed. For further information please contact Alex.