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January 29, 2018

Sharing resources of mobile palliative care came as a solution to the statistics shown by latest research.

In Moldova each year over 25.000 people are in need of palliative care and most services dedicated for those in need are focused (with very few exceptions) in and around the capital city named Chisinau, leaving the areas outside with little or no coverage.  

Being the first international charity to tackle palliative care in this area, Hospices of Hope have managed over the years and through partnerships with local organizations to help over 10.000 patients and their families. In order to extend the support we offer locally, the Representation Office of Hospices of Hope in the Republic of Moldova launched a support network of palliative care services in the center-north of the country with the involvement of three counties, Orhei, Soroca and Ocnita with a total population of little over 280.000 citizens.

The purpose of the three-year project is to increase the access to palliative care services in the areas mentioned above by creating and integrating three mobile and multidisciplinary teams into the existing partner organizations. These NGOs have been providing palliative care services in the last few years on a more basic level and with hardly any financial support. Besides financing the multidisciplinary teams which will collaborate intensively and act as one, the project also provides extensive training for the palliative care specialists involved, considerable support with medication and medical auxiliary products, transportation for the mobile teams, as well as the development of a fundraising department.

The fundraising and administrative department is based in Chisinau and it aims: to manage all aspects of the pilot project; to raise awareness regarding palliative care at a national level; to secure local and international funds in order to support the sustainability of the project; and to liaise with ministries as well as local and national authorities in order to develop policies and secure governmental funds. If successful the pilot project could be easily applied in the future to the south or other areas of the country.

Hospices of Hope has been a constant supporter of the development of palliative care in Moldova since 2008.

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