This week’s devotion was led by Ken Chapman who became a Baptist Minister in his late 40’s, until his retirement 7 years ago.

He shared a bit of his story and how even though we all sin we can be forgiven.

In 1952 he was living as a young child in Mill Hill, North West London, in a house opposite a huge gasworks plant. It was the first home his Mum and Dad bought and it had a lovely garden with beautiful flowerbeds, but no grass. Ken loved football, but had nowhere to play, so spent a lot of time kicking the ball against the coal bunker behind the garage.

His Dad had become a very keen gardener and when Ken was about 8 he had bought a number of new plants and stored them on the coal bunker with the instruction to Ken to be careful not to hit them. As you can guess, the football knocked the plants off, and damaged them and broke the pots. His Dad was furious and hit him, sending him to his room with no food that night.

From then on, the relationship between the two of them got worse- it hadn’t been great before, but it deteriorated significantly- they didn’t talk and when his Dad came home from work Ken was fearful of him and took himself off to his room to avoid him. There was no real relationship to speak of, and Ken feels that one of the things that shaped his Dad and the way he behaved was due to his experiences during the war, but despite this struggled to forgive him.

We all have sinned, there are things we have done which we probably wouldn’t want to tell anyone, but our Heavenly Father knows all this and loves us and forgives us. Jesus died for us all, not because he is angry, but because He loves us. Whatever we do wrong we can remember that Jesus died for us because He thinks we’re worth it.

We may wonder whether we will ever be forgiven for some of the things we have done- Humans may not, but Jesus will if we sincerely seek forgiveness.