Monday’s devotion was led by Costi Keenan

He started by putting on a song for us called The Waiting by Jamie Grace:

During the course of our lives many of us are waiting for something to happen, we all want to know what God has planned for us. But God is asking us to wait for that moment because he has something special planned for us that’s coming.

Costi was born in Romania and lived in an orphanage until the age of 13 and when he was little he always dreamed of someone to love him, he was waiting for something special to happen to him. And it did happen – he was adopted by an American family and his life changed completely. God gave him the sense of hope and even though it took a while God delivered in the end – and that was his special moment.

Us Christians must wait patiently for that moment that God has for us – God knows the plans he has for us.

We all need an answer, the reason why things happen, our patience is tested so many times but we must ask ourselves – is our life controlled by God or is it controlled by the waiting? We all want answers right away but God keeps us waiting, and how do we wait? – patiently. For some of us the waiting can be long but what we do while we wait is important. God is saying wait on me. Learn who we are and what we can do. God is with us and knows where each of us are. The things that we do matters to God. We must look into our lives and see how our relationship with God is and also our relationship with everyone else.

When our patients are facing with an incurable disease and are waiting for a sad devastating outcome what do we do with that time? We fill their hearts with God’s love and we give them comfort and support – God will comfort them until the end. Never give up on somebody - that can be the special moment they’ve been waiting for.