Over the weekend Anna had been thinking about the recent staff training day where, amongst other things the team discussed highlights of 2019.

It was apparent that some had had difficult years, and others had good memories. It is great that, as a team, we all feel we can share things with one another.

One theme that is on the internet in recent times is that of being kind to other people- you never know what is going on behind the scenes and this is a really important thing to remember.

Anna explained that outwardly she may appear confident and loud, but inside she often feels insecure and struggles to believe in herself. This weekend though she ran and completed her first 10k! On Monday she had run 6k, on Wednesday gave up after 1k- she didn’t believe she could do it. Debbie believed in her and pushed and encouraged her to do the 10k at the weekend and the medal she got afterwards gave a real confidence boost. She wore it all day and thought about how it made her feel.

With all the messages we are bombarded with constantly on the internet it is tough- the pressure people feel to fit in, or that they aren’t good enough. We need to remember that God is our medal. He can make us feel that we are good enough and He believes in us even when we don’t believe in ourselves.

Anna then played us this song about Lauren Daigle as we wrote our new years resolutions 

She also shared with us Matthew 19:26, that says 'with God all things are possible'