Devotions was led recently led by John

He talked about his recent experience on the Brasov Summer Camp. It featured a lot of lively children, but it was lovely to see them all working together and looking after one another, the oldest making sure the youngest was looked after and included in the activities.

One girl came along and had a particularly difficult home life. Due to this she taught herself jujitsu to try and protect herself and others. Her brother had been ill and this camp gave her the opportunity to have some positive experiences.

During the week there were days out, group projects and games and the children really enjoyed taking part in everything.  For John, seeing the children come out of themselves and develop in confidence was great. There was one child in particular that stood out- Mihai had been to a camp in 2016 and was very quiet and shy then- this time he attended he had changed a lot and was helping to lead the groups and was really involved which was great to see.