Cost led the devotion this morning for us.

Whenever you watch an action movie there is always a hero, they are always fighting, often outnumbered and generally try to seek refuge at some point whilst trying to protect themselves or other people.

We may not be an action hero but, we too, also often try to find refuge from something, whether it be family problems, money issues, job worries or many other things. We often need to find a ‘safe house’ away from these things- wouldn’t it be nice to run and escape and find calm in our lives?

Nahum 1:7 tells us ‘The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in Him'

The definition of a refuge is a ‘safe place’. The project that Costi works with – the Refuge Project- exists to keep orphans safe. God wants us to find rest and refuge in Him- He says this to each of us. We may be going through storms in life and He wants us to trust in Him.

Throughout history, the Israelites were in trouble, but God was in control, calling out to them to put their trust in Him, but how can we do this? We can pray!

Where are we struggling in our lives? Does it feel like the world is falling down around us? At times like this we need to come back to the verse from Nahum- God knows it all and is in control and we need to remember to turn to Him for shelter in the storms. Human nature is to try and do things on our own- don’t forget to rest in God.