What defines a community?

Graham explained that he had been thinking about this a bit recently, especially with our recent election. There were so many comments about particular communities and the impact they had on the election result. One of the big surprises was that mining communities voted in large number for the Conservative party for the first time ever. Time and time again there has been talk of these communities and their part in the Conservatives getting back in power.

In Revelation (2 v19) it says, to the church in Thyatira:

I know your deeds, your love and faith, your service and patient endurance, and that you are now doing more than you did at first’.

This was a Christian community that was praised for what they were doing- they weren’t perfect, but were doing good things, and this particular verse was a defining verse which made Graham think about Hospices of Hope and our hallmarks as a community

Love - There is a clear love of our patients and they have commented how amazing they think it is that there are people in the UK who love and care for them and want to help. Recently one of the Honorary Patrons visited the team in Albania and asked someone on the street for directions. Again, this person couldn’t believe that there were people in the UK who wanted to help those in Albania.

Faith - Many times over the years it has been difficult to see the way ahead, when we’ve been up against the wall, but God has always come through. This time last year there was the huge budget deficit, but one company got in touch and then donated €530k which made a huge difference to what looked like an impossible target in the 20% campaign- this year that same company has donated €925k!

Service - we can easily identify with this- serving people a long way away in real need. Jesus had a servant heart- so do we.

Patient Endurance - It has been extremely tough at times, dealing with authorities etc and there has been a struggle to do many things we have stayed the course for 28 years.

Doing more than we did before - We started in Romania, but the work has expanded to other countries

We are the Hospices of Hope community.