Monday’s devotion was led by Graham Perolls and he did an interview on Sheila Sanderson about her journey with Hospices of Hope and how she became a long term supporter of the charity.


Have you always lived in Kent?


I lived in Kent since 1964, I have moved from Sutherland when she met her husband – their families knew each other so they played a role in getting them together. At first Sheila worked for a legal firm and she remembers having challenges because of her accent.


How did you hear about the charity?


I first heard about the Ellenor from my daughter Helen  and son Bill. They knew Carolyn and Graham and were in their youth fellowship. There was fundraising going on at that time and Bill my son was part of an all – night table tennis marathon which I think Steph also took part in. I was one of the mums cooking breakfast. I began helping ( washing up ) in the coffee shop and then in the first charity shop. Then we had to set up an office and Carolyn asked if I would work alongside her. That office opened many years ago and the rest is history. But I have always felt very privileged to be a part of Graham’s vision of Hospice.


Have you ever been to Romania?


Yes, I’ve been 3 times. The first time being when I went to the opening of Casa Sperantei. The 2nd time I was invited to the November Ball and more recently when Copaceni was officially opened. On the first occasion I was able to accompany a nurse on a home visit. The warmth with which we were welcomed by families who had so little and were caring for a very poorly family member was so humbling. They were so grateful for what was being done for them – most of you know this better that I do. And then when we left being told that how limiting the patient’s life would be. Copaceni was a wonderful visit. Seeing the children and at Bucharest the adults who were being cared for medically, physically and spiritually in a way in this country we take for granted was so moving and should make everyone involved in Hospice feel very proud and thankful to God that we have been given this opportunity to be part of the work Graham began.


How has your faith helped you e.g


My faith has been a gradual journey. Some people have a Wesley type conversion or similar. I’ve had ups and downs on the journey but at the worst or saddest times I’ve felt that I wasn’t on my own. My faith has helped me to be the person I am now. I think I could have been a different person  maybe bitter or angry but God by my side has made me a happier more caring person and that I feel is down to my faith which keeps me going.


How should we approach the Coronavirus?


As a Christian community we should remember that our call is always to respond to the good news of Jesus. We are people of Hope and we should declare good news in these difficult times. We should not be afraid. I don’t believe God has given us a Spirit of Fear but of Love. Choose faith over fear!!!


My favourite Bible verse is : For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11