Monday's devotions was led by our colleague Anna. 

She had recently returned from her time in Romania hosting the 'Bucharest Holiday Club' and 'The Seaside Club'. The 2 weeks she had spend there had been amazing, the teams were brilliant and the families were great and really enjoyed their experiences. At the end of the first week at the awards ceremony a number stood up and spoke about how much the trips had meant to them. It showed Anna that the smallest of things that people do can have a huge impact on those around them.

The 2nd week, at the seaside, saw 140 people take part. Seeing the faces of the families as they enjoyed their trip was absolutely amazing and there was such gratitude to the volunteers who were up really early each day cleaning the accommodation for those taking part.

At Thursday’s talent show is was lovely seeing the children come out of themselves to perform for each other, and Anna wanted to share with us the piece that Miruna did. Miruna has featured in our Christmas appeals and publicity over the years. We’re unsure of her actual diagnosis, but she has had 20+ operations on her legs over the years. Had she been in the UK it is likely she would have had them amputated, but as it is she manages extremely well despite her limitations. She doesn’t let her disability hold her back. This is what Miruna shared with those on her trip.

This is a letter from your body

Imagine that you own a million-dollar race horse. A horse worth a million dollars. Would you let that horse stay up all night? Work all day…drink alcohol…smoke cigarettes and eat junk food? No? Okay…would you treat a twenty dollars dog like that? How about a two dollars cat? No? Well…why do you treat ME like that? Oh Hi! It’s your body here! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m the home that you always lived in. Surely, you remember. We grew up together! And I’m writing this letter, I feel neglected in this relationship, very disappointed in what I’ve been seeing.

With your ambition to make money, you sacrificed my well-being. Which makes no sense; because when I get rich you sacrificed that money to recuperate ME…and what’s more is with all your interest in profit you can’t see the truth! That I’m worth over a BILLION DOLLARS. Don’t believe me? Ok I’ll prove it…if someone came to you with a cheque for one million and said – here all I want in return is your eyesight. You you won’t be able to see another sunset for the rest of your life. Would you take that deal? Ok, lets up the bid. Suppose he has a cheque for ten million instead and if you accepted you would no longer have your arms and legs… Would you take that deal? I can answer that for you. No… Those are silly options because your body is worth more than a million dollars. And don’t get me started with the heart.

When you’re sleeping, it doesn’t stop beating, that’s every second, every minute, every day and come to think of it I can’t recall you even… saying thanks. Anyway, I don’t want this to come off as rude. Just asking for a little attention here… I hope you try make me look perfect when you’re taking pictures… But we both know you been taking me for granted. Consider this an opportunity. After my performance ends, take some time by yourself. Just, you and me. Place your hand on your chest and say, thank you… to your heartbeat. To your eyes, legs, arms, to your hands that you use for climbing. To your lungs that bring you breath…without you doing anything. You’re my homie! I just think it’s time you start treating me for what I am worth.

Inspired by Miruna's letter, Anna felt that there were small things that happened during the week that reminded her of gratitude. It was hot weather and there were lots of flies. She was able to simply brush them off, but a lot of the children weren’t able to do that and had to sit there with them walking over their faces. Anna could walk into the sea, the children had to be helped to get in.

We have to be so grateful for all that we have and all that we can do.