Monday's devotions was led by our colleague Beki. 

She had recently returned from her week in Romania experiencing our 'Bucharest Holiday Club'. During her time there she had taken several photos and met some wonderful people.

Flori and Monica

Beki told us all about the two mischievous twins called Flori and Monica who would always be running the volunteers and their mother in circles. The team were instructed to try and keep them out of the sun due to health complications, which proved to be a fun task to pull off in a Romanian summer!


Next we learned about Alex. She told us all about his wicked sense of humour, and his ability to make anyone in the room fall in love with him. He was new to the camps and in the beginning was upset to learn that his sister would be joining him. However the week progressed with no other complications, and Alex's confidence increased. He took to the stage to sing to the volunteers and beneficiaries and was even interviewed by Romanian television. 

He ended the week by applauding the work the team did and announcing that they all deserved a raise!



Beki finished by giving us an update on Robert. Robert's story has touched us all who work in the office and has also reached the hearts of our supporters. Robert has been attending our summer trips for many years now and has unfortunately experienced a tough few years with the death of his mother, then his father soon after. 

Beki happily told us that she had met his brother Bogdan during the summer trip. He has now moved back from France to take care of his brother and Robert couldn't be in better hands. Their brotherly bond is so strong that it was great to see them work together, play together, and at the end of the week, leave together. A pleasant end to a tumultuous time for Robert.