Monday’s devotion was led by John Garman

He talked to us about his recent decision to do an alpha course. He had always dismissed it, but for some reason he felt the call to do one as soon as possible. He ended up having a brilliant time and also had his eyes opened to the fact that quite a few other people had the same views as him. 

If he hadn't avoided taking on the course, he wouldn't have met those people at that time. 

These moments seem small, but they can mean so much. The way John became involved with Hospices of Hope was a massive co-incidence in itself, which has lead to so many opportunities for him. 

John became involved with Hospices of Hope when his two friends from his church volunteered on one of our trips the year before. If it wasn't for his friends recommending that John volunteer for the trip, he wouldn't have ever dreamed about working for us on a placement year from university as our Partnerships Officer. 

Its these moments that John likes to call 'God-incidences'. These are times where you can see God has had a hand in them. You may not know it at the time, but when you look back his presence is obvious. 

Even in times where we might be struggling, or hate what we are doing, we are stressed because of bits and pieces back home – we have to think what could be in your future. What had God got in store for us that we don’t know about yet! It is part of a bigger plan!