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Find out about our charity partners in the USA and the work they are doing fundraising for our work providing palliative care services and hospices in Romania, Serbia, Moldova and Albania

May 5, 2019

As a charitable hospice organization, we work hard to provide qualified staff for areas in Eastern Europe that need much support for terminally and seriously ill patients. Hospices of Hope provides training to medical staff in the area of palliative care but as anyone involved with this type of support can recognize, medicine, treatment and a purely scientific approach only goes so far.

Many of our patients deal with loneliness and isolation, which can be serious causes of further physical and psychological suffering. That is why we believe in a holistic approach to palliation, and this touching story from BELHospice Serbia is a prime example of the dedication and care volunteers and staff put into their work every single day.

Recently, one of the patients of BELHospice got a home visit from nurse Ivana and psychologist Miljana. It wasn’t just a routine visit but a very special one as patient Mira was turning 93 years old. It might seem like a small gesture but in can make a major difference to someone who might face spending a birthday by themselves entirely. This emotional encounter certainly was a contribution to Mira’s quality of life and we have all our generous donors and contributors to thank for providing the support necessary to carry on our daily work.

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