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December 20, 2018

We are supporting a national network of small hospice organizations in Moldova. This is the story of a patient cared for by the Aripile Sperantei (Wings of Hope) Hospice in Orhei.

Anisia is a 70 year lady living with diabetes who has suffered five strokes. She has gangrene in her foot which was caused by the diabetes and she is confined to bed. She was dedicated to her job as a nanny at a children’s orphanage but since becoming ill her quality of life is very poor. Her bed is described by the team as “an improvised construction made from sponge not a proper mattress and supported by chairs”.

Anisia is comparatively lucky by Moldovan standards as her daughter is still in the country and can help with her care. But the daughter’s income cannot cover the costs of the drugs needed and the state does not pay for pain relief when the pain is caused by diabetes. Anisia’s husband is not coping with the situation and, despite the team’s best efforts, does not really
understand what is happening to his wife.
The hospice team visit Anisia and provide medicines, nursing care particularly with the dressings for her foot – and psychological support.

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