My name is Bill Sanderson and I first became a Director of the Hospices of Hope Trading back in 2002.

My very early involvement with Hospice work came through my relationship with Carolyn and Graham. Believe it or not, I was part of a Church youth group who met regularly at their home in Joyden's Wood. We were all very much engaged with the early work that both Carolyn and Graham had begun, initially with Ellenor and subsequently as they moved on with the work in Romania.

Trading activities grew quickly as we opened our first Hospice of Hope shop in Bexley village and I felt privileged to be asked to join the Board of Directors almost 20 years ago.  

Throughout the years we have experienced many of the challenges faced by the retail sector and the ever-growing pressure on charity shops. However, I never cease to be amazed at the generosity of those who support and donate to our shops, which in turn has enabled Hospices of Hope to bring care and support to patients with terminal or lifelong illness in South East Europe.

I continue to enjoy my time working with Carolyn and her dedicated team and consider it a privilege to be part of what the Trading Company continues to achieve for the charity. It goes without saying, that it is only through the hard work of shop managers, volunteers and Head Office staff that the trading arm continues to make such a significant contribution.

I have many special memories from working with some fantastic people on the Board of Directors all who have given of their time, expertise and talents so willingly. However, my highlight was always hearing from Graham at the start of our meetings stories and news about how the work of the Hospice was changing and impacting on so many lives.

I count it to be an honour and privilege to have been involved with Hospices of Hope a special and caring charity working to educate and train doctors, nurses and other health professionals to continue making a difference to patients and their families.

Thank You for the past 30 years and may the work continue for many more years into the future!