The little girl in the photo is called Cornelia. She is now nine and has been looked after by the hospice since she was four months old because she has giant hydrocephalus. She has had neurosurgery many times in her short life and the hospice team help her mother care for her before and after these operations.

Cornelia now has paraparesis and some brain damage. As you can see from this picture she really enjoys activities in the Bagpuss Day Centre. She often stays in the in-patient unit and has physiotherapy sessions at the hospice.

Cornelia has three brothers and two sisters. The family live in very poor conditions and receive support from the hospice’s social services team.

Staff at the hospice say Cornelia “is very affectionate, likes to be held by her hand and enjoys playing with small toys”.


Filip (in the grey hoodie) is now thirteen years old and has muscular dystrophy. He was one of six boys – all developed muscular dystrophy and sadly two of his siblings did not survive the disease. 

He loves going to the day care centre. He is very shy, but very curious. He likes to pretend he is a knight, loves Romanian fairy tales and geography.


Dragos is now sixteen years old and has cerebral palsy. Hospice Casa Sperantei has cared for Dragos since he was two years old. He can barely speak and cannot control his movements.

Like all teenagers, he dreams about fast cars and clothes. He loves to be surrounded by people and he really looks forward to going on our summer trips. He is particularly excited about going to the Seaside Club and seeing the sea.    

The lady with Dragos is Csilla. She has been working as a nurse for the hospice in Brasov for nineteen years. She co-ordinates the paediatric nursing team. As you can see, she loves caring for children and has huge empathy with her patients and their families. She admits that the emotional pressure of her work is very high, but says she is “grateful each day for the small joys of life”.