I am Stefi and Hospice has cared for me since I have an operation to remove a tumour from my spine.  I am 9 years old and I will be celebrating my birthday 29th of August .

For my birthday I would love a phone or camera as I love playing with other people’s phones and particularly like phoning Simona who runs the day-centre.  I would like to celebrate my birthday with everyone at the Hospice and have a large cake with candles.  We had a party at the Hospice recently and I had a balloon hat made especially for me.


I love the craft activities we do at the day-centre and I gave an Easter egg I had decorated to Prince Charles when he visited us last year.

Important Events in August:

  • 15th - St Mary's Day (Romania)
  • 27th - Independence Day (Moldova)
  • 27th - Bank Holiday (England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland)
  • 31st - National Language Day (Moldova)

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