My name is Maia and I am 7 but will be 8 on 26th of April. 

I have hydrocephalus which is under control but the Hospice monitors me to check that I stay well.  Many of my friends go to the Hospice day- centre with me and I love painting playing and parties.  We have lots of celebrations at the Hospice. Last Christmas we had a Christmas party at the Hospice and a famous actress called Mădălina Diana Ghenea visited us and brought us presents.


Last year Prince Charles came to visit our day centre.  We were making Easter eggs to celebrate Easter. To celebrate Hospice’s 25th birthday he cut a cake which we all shared. 

Important Events in April

  • 1st - April Flower/Name Day (Romania)
    • In Romania name days are almost as important as birthdays. Those who have the name of a particular Saint celebrate their name day on that Saint's day.
  • 6th-9th - April Orthodox Easter (Serbia and Romania)

Last year in Romania the children in the Hospice school in Bucharest made cards for some of the adult hospice patients and took them around the wards to celebrate Easter. A group of children from the Hospice showed Prince Charles the Easter eggs they were making when His Royal Highness visited the hospice as part of Hospice Casa Sperantei's 25th anniversary celebrations.

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