My very good friend, Mr Oliver Postgate, was a great supporter of Hospices of Hope.

It is thanks to his generosity that there is a Bagpuss Children's Wing in the hospice in Brasov. Sadly Mr Postgate passed away but my good friend Lizzie Mouse and I are keen to keep supporting the children in Brasov.

So despite being a rather portly saggy old cloth cat I have dusted off my running shoes and am taking part in some running events. I am also considering taking on a short bike ride and might even try my paws at rowing. However as every self-respecting feline knows swimming is not for cats so other members of Team Bagpuss will have to take on Team Bagpuss swimming challenges.
I recently took part in the London Landmarks Half Marathon. It was rather hot - I still have a winter coat in March - but I am proud to say that thanks to the support from my team and everyone at the race I made it round the course in just over 3 hours.

I would be so pleased if you could support Team Bagpuss and the children in Brasov by either donating through this fundraising page or taking part in a Team Bagpuss Challenge event. Details of the events are on the Hospices of Hope website.