Make your healthier choices!

Long periods spent sitting at work have public health implications. You can improve quality of your life but also the lives of cancer patients in need of palliative care with your contribution! The duration of the campaign is from the 22nd November 2021 – 22nd May 2022!

HOW DOES “Run and walk4BELhospice” WORK?

  • Participation fee is 10 (EUR, GBP, USD) or more per participant
  • It is recommended by health experts that participant walk or run at least 35 km per week or 140 km per month
  • The number of kilometers will be measured for one month by a mobile application Pacer
  • Upload your payment evidence to [email protected] and wait for your Pacer Challenge CODE
  • BELhospice will keep records of all participants
  • Results of 10 best scores with the most kilometers crossed will be announced via BELhospice website, social media, newsletter and national media
  • The best 10 scores will get the BELhospice Certificate of gratitude

All raised funds will be used for free of charge palliative care of cancer patients including transportation to the medical institutions and provision of assistance devices for patients isolated in homes due to COVID 19.

Thank you for supporting BELhospice!