Summer trips appeal – help us continue to provide much needed holidays for children in Romania

Every year we hold five summer trips in Romania for children who have very challenging lives and really need a week of fun, activities and friendship. The summer trips give the children the chance to relax, enjoy themselves and forget their difficulties for a while.   

The children are either patients of Hospice Casa Sperantei and face life-limiting or terminal illness, have a close relative cared for by the hospice or have suffered bereavement.  

The summer trips are held at Copaceni, the Brasov hospice and at the seaside in a Black Sea resort

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Trips and Volunteering Opportunities

We need your help to continue running the trips 

We have always seen the trips as financially self-supporting with costs being met by funds raised by our summer trips volunteers.  We continue to have fantastic support from our volunteers, but costs are increasing and this funding model is difficult to sustain. For many years we maintained a reserves fund for the trips but that is now very low.  

We maintain a very tight budget and are very lucky that most excursions and meals off site are donated to us by local businesses. But there are still expenses involved and extra funds would mean that we can continue to run the trips and provide treats for the children whilst we are away. 

Some figures 

Each year 155 children take part in the trips and on two trips they are joined by their parents or carers making a total of 205. The cost per person is £100 making the annual amount needed £20,500. This sum provides accommodation, food, activities, transport and specialised hospice staff such as nurses, doctors, social workers, therapists as appropriate for the child and carer. This figure does not include any administration costs and all volunteers cover their own costs.

Your donation can ensure that we can continue to provide our summer trips 

  • £25 covers the cost of food for 1 child per week
  • £100 covers the cost of 1 child for the week's stay
  • £250 covers the cost of transport for a group excursion during the week away 
  • £1,000 to cover the accommodation for 40 children on the Seaside Club

 We really want to continue bringing happiness to the children lives- thank you for your support  

Feedback and memories

"This camp is fun with lots of funny games (which are not boring). The camp is a wonderful place for children. I loved the English volunteers and the Romanian volunteers too. In the camp I made a lots of friends from UK and Romania. Even if it was my first year in the camp, I’ve got true friends and unforgettable memories"

"This camp was wonderful. All of this activities was beautiful. I liked so much the evening fairy tales. I would love to see you next year.’’

"Our family’s thanks you for this wonderful week. Beautiful and wonderful people that brought so much joy to children and parents. A unique experience and we would love to come back."

"We spent a fantastic week alongside wonderful people! It was a lovely experience and we spent beautiful moments in company of good friends. We loved the biblical stories told and we learnt as well a few things about God’s heroes. Thank you very much"

"I had the pleasure of reliving a second childhood, beside wonderful people. Each time I will have the opportunity to come back I will with joy."

Please help us ensure everyone can come back with joy