Join us for 'Learn to cook and offer hospitality'

This virtual event will feature many handy tips and tricks for when you find yourself hosting friends and family. Carolyn Perolls will lead the event, and will talk about her experiences hosting and cooking for both large and small gatherings. 

Carolyn has been involved with Hospices of Hope since its outset and she is thrilled to be chatting with us as we start the year of celebrations for our 30th Anniversary.

She has always been involved with volunteers across our organisation and within her work with our Trading Company has taken responsibility for our retail and catering teams.

Outside of Hospice she has been involved with other catering projects as well as helping those who wish to learn basic home skills. Of course being a mother of 5 and with 5 delightful grandchildren there are always mouths to feed as well as reasons for teaching others to cook!

Having really appreciated hospitality from others when growing up, an offer of an open home has always been seen as a must!

The event will also offer people the chance to grab a copy of 'Learn to cook and offer hospitality', a book to go alongside the event filled with recipes and dishes for a one off minimum donation of £10.

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