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It is always difficult to cope with a serious illness, and this year during COVID-19, it has been especially challenging. Social distancing, shielding, loneliness, and economic worries have made this year even harder for hospice patients of all ages. Find stories from some of our patients below. Please help us do everything we can to support our hospice patients this holiday season by donating now to our holiday appeal. 

Our children and young people

The children and young people have lost so much this year. The day centres in Brasov, Bucharest and Copaceni have been suspended, the summer trips cancelled, the hospice school closed. This year’s Christmas parties will not go ahead. They have missed their friends and the staff at the hospice and, for some, their physical progress has been affected.

Each year BELhospice organises New Year event for our patients children in our Hospice. This year we will not be able to do so because of the strict measures of keeping distance. 


Stefi has cerebral palsy and has sometimes stayed in the Hospice as an inpatient.  He is very sociable and struggled with isolation. During lockdown, like many of the Hospice children, he took part in online occupational therapy sessions through Zoom. He also kept up with his Hospice physio programme through virtual sessions.

As well as helping Stefi, the Hospice ensured his mother received counselling. She is a single parent and was very nervous about going out. 

Services are slowly being reintroduced in accordance with guidelines and Stefi has had the chance to meet friends from the hospice once again.


A large number from the younger generation in Romania, Moldova and Albania work abroad. This means that their parents are alone. The pandemic is making it difficult for people to travel. Many of those working abroad were in industries affected by the current situation and have lost their jobs so cannot afford to return home.

"At BELhospice, we have a tradition to organise delivering Christmas presents to the patients which makes them so happy. We hope that measures imposed due to COVID 19 will not be so severe during Christmas and our team would be able to enter their homes. If not, we will anyhow bring presents to their doors. 

In Moldova, Skype, Viber, Facebook and Whatsapp are words that float around in households that have no water or toilets inside. It was a very dry year for agriculture and the land and crops have suffered. The thought of spending this Christmas as a couple or alone makes everything grim in an instant."

Counselling and psychological support has been in great demand as many patients have been struggling with the mental challenges of lockdown. As well as medical care, some of the teams have been helping by taking food and other essentials on home visits.  

Zana - Albania  

Zana is a lovely positive lady who is in the last stages of breast cancer. She is part of a traditional family, with strong values, respect and emotional connections among the family members. She loves to cook for her family- particularly a traditional Christmas dinner. But this year she is not looking forward to it as her son and his family cannot travel back home to be with her. Her strength is failing but she is not giving up. If her health allows, she has decided to cook and bake her famous sweets as she used to. She intends to buy presents for her children and grandchildren and celebrate Christmas from a distance as "no celebration should be missed."

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