Our COVID-19 statement

The number of Covid-19 coronavirus cases are rising daily. Those who we work to provide care for are even more vulnerable than ever. 

Our patients are at high risk, with a number of underlying health issues. If the coronavirus was to reach them, it would be catastrophic. 

We are determined to do everything we possibly can to protect our staff and patients. 

Graham, our founder, shared this:

Last week, I was called by our CEO in Romania to say that Bucharest hospitals were suddenly discharging all their patients with cancer and other chronic illnesses to make way for coronavirus cases. This has understandably caused feelings of panic and abandonment amongst the patients and families affected by such drastic action and the hospice has been inundated with pleas for help.

The crisis is sadly affecting all the countries we work in and most are in virtual lockdown. We are now concentrating on our two most vital services: home-care and in-patient admissions. Our medical staff are aware of the risks but are determined to continue to do all they can to help patients in their hour of need. They will be taking all protective measures possible and we are trying to help them find all they need.

As you can imagine, our fundraising plans have been decimated due to the crisis and we have had to cancel all our events up to at least June, including our Gala Dinner. In addition, our charity shops face imminent closure. We are desperate to keep supporting our country partners so that they can continue providing care for people who have absolutely no social safety net. We estimate a funding shortfall during the next few months of £460,000 and we do not keep large reserves.

As a team, we will be making some personal sacrifices in order to secure the longer term viability of the charity. If you have the capacity to help us at this time, we would be so grateful. The easiest is to donate is by following the donation button. Alternatively donations can be sent by post.

In these difficult times, we pray for safety for you and your families

Many thanks for your support and continued interest.

Graham Perolls


This is where we need your help. If you are able to help us at this time, we would be so grateful. The easiest way is to make a cash donation now to help give our staff and patients the support they urgently need. Alternatively donations can be sent by post.