Message from our Executive Director, Alex Padureanu

Dear Supporter

Welcome to our first ever e-newsletter. We are delighted to introduce this new format. It means we can feature  more information about our work and allows you to follow the issues that interest you the most. We would love  to hear your views about this newsletter.    

It is more than half way through 2018 and, as you will see from this newsletter, it has been a very busy year for us so far. We are starting a project in Albania, which is a new country for us. We will be supporting Ryder Albania, an experienced organisation doing an amazing job in a very difficult environment.

Our work in Moldova and Serbia is making good progress and we are all looking forward to the official opening of Copaceni in September. Many thanks to everyone who supported the House Warming Appeal for Copaceni. We are well on the way to furnishing the centre now. 

However we are facing significant challenges too – particularly in Romania where the government has doubled the salaries of doctors, nurses and other medical staff such as physiotherapists. Whilst this affects state employees, Hospice Casa Sperantei has had to respond to this change to be fair to its staff. No warning was given to allow the charity to plan for this eventuality and the budget had to be reviewed and cuts made.

Sadly, one casualty of the state’s decision is the reduction of the Bucharest home care team from eight to just one doctor and two nurses. This team of just three people will have to cover the whole of the capital. Nurses make up to four home visits a day so this cut is a reduction of some 100 home visits a week. The state will not take these visits over – it is very rare for a state doctor or nurse to make home visits and our patients are often too sick or too poor to travel to clinics. We were also hoping to start a paediatric home care service in Bucharest but that has had to be deferred.

When faced with difficulties like this it is heartening to hear about the courage and spirit shown by those we care for. Having struggled to train for the LA marathon this year my heart goes out to the group of hospice patients who, despite cancer, ran the Bucharest Half Marathon for Hospice Casa Sperantei.

One runner, Violeta, says “friends don’t let friends fight cancer alone” which seems to me to summarise Hospices of Hope. My thanks to you as your generosity means our patients have someone to support them in that fight.


Alex Padureanu

Executive Director

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