Brasov Holiday Club - Josephine

Josephine Akoro

Thank you for visiting my page! I've always enjoyed volunteering, especially with children, so when I heard about Hospices of Hope and the work they do I was eager to take part.

Bucharest Summer Camp - Amber

Amber McDonald

I will be going to the Bucharest Summer Camp in 2019 as a volunteer. Please help me reach my total!

Bucharest Holiday Club - Anna

Anna Bowditch

I will be joining the Bucharest Holiday Club again this year, providing a much needed holiday to some truly inspirational children. They spend their lives overcoming endless obstacles due to their life-limiting illnesses and challenging lives.

Bucharest Holiday Club - Beki

Rebekah Burgess

Last year I volunteered on the Bucharest Holiday Club - it was life-changing. I would love to do so again this year, so please help me by donating!

Bucharest Holiday Club - Meg

Meg Coombes

I will be volunteering on the Bucharest Holiday Club this year. My friend went on the trip last year and came back with such wonderful stories that I knew I wanted to get involved!

Bucharest Holiday Club - Wendy

Wendy Burgess

I will be attending the Bucharest Holiday Club this year. I was inspired by my the work I have seen Hospices of Hope do and knew I wanted to get involved!

London Landmarks Half Marathon - Ben

Ben Finch

My dad has recently joined the team at Hospices of Hope and I would like to support both him and the work they are doing to provide vital care and compassion to those who need it in South East Europe! Please help me achieve this!

London Landmarks Half Marathon - Josh King

Josh King

Having supported The Hospices of Hope for a number of years, and seeing the benefits of their hard work and dedication to help those less fortunate live a better life, I was eager to challenge myself and benefit the Hospices of Hope.

London Landmarks Half Marathon - Luke

Luke Sedge

I believe that Hospice of hope makes a real difference in supporting children and families when dealing with life limiting diseases on there own.
The Hospices give them hope, love, care, support and a sense of belonging.

London Vitality 10K - John Garman

John Garman

I shall be running the London Vitality 10k in May to raise funds for the incredible work of Hospices of Hope.

London Vitality 10K - Lois Griffin

Lois Griffin

I shall be running the London Vitality 10k in May to raise funds for the incredible work of Hospices of Hope.


Gary Morgan

Mid 2018, I met with two very inspiring people (Anna and John) who explained the very fascinating work you that the charity carry out which is fundamental in facilitating and educating change.

Kevins Marathon

Kevin Reid

An exceptionally worthy cause offering care to people when they most need it.

Oleg court pour les malades incurables en Moldavie!

RunForHope2018 Team

Pe 4 noiembrie 2018 Oleg va alerga 42 km la New York Marathon colectând fonduri pentru copiii și adulții care suferă de boli incurabile și condiții limitatoare de viață din regiunile Republicii Moldova!