Publish Date: 01.07.20

Covid-19 Statement UpdateCOVID-19 Appeal


Message from our Founder

Hospices of Hope, like most other charities, is being hard hit by the current crisis. We have taken the necessary steps, with the help of the government scheme, to protect the longer term viability of the charity and have made some personal sacrifices. We still have a skeleton team that will continue working to ensure that the charity can continue functioning.

Today we are launching a special appeal, as our goal is to do everything in our power to continue supporting our country partners so that they can maintain vital services to our patients and families in countries where the health service simply cannot cope. Last week some hospitals in Bucharest discharged all their patients with cancer and other chronic illnesses in preparation for corona virus cases, without giving them other solutions. This caused alarm amongst patient support groups and our hospice has been inundated with desperate pleas for help. Similar dire situations are going on in Moldova, Serbia and Albania. We have had to cancel all the services that involve group activities (as all our patients are in the vulnerable category) such as day care and some out-patient services. We are now concentrating on our in-patient services and home care. Our medical staff know the risks (and sufficient protective gear is hard to come by in these countries) but they are determined to do all they can to help.

Unlike in the UK, there is almost no social safety-net for families struck by cancer and other chronic illnesses and so far the State has not intervened or offered any more funding to the hospices to help them survive during this crisis.

We are therefore appealing to you, our supporters, to consider helping us at this time in any way you can.

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Wishing you and your families safety in these difficult times

Thank you being alongside us