All the medical supplies received must still be in date for at least 1 year. We don’t accept expired medical supplies as we are not allowed to use them on our patients and it will cost us money to dispose of. We don’t accept any type of medicine.

We accept the following in new or good condition:

Anti pressure sore mattresses (in good condition) for pressure sores.

Antiseptic wipes for human use

Alternating pressure sore mattress, even without the pump.

Bandages, including leg ulcer bandages

Breast prosthesis in good/new condition.

Breast prosthesis bras, in good condition

Cetraben Cream

Crutches, canes

Dressing kit for wounds

Incontinence nappies/diapers (e.g. Pampers)

Incontinence pads

Knitted Knockers – knitted breast prostheses

Lymphoedema supplies

Sterile dressings – any type

Stoma accessories – in date Adhesive remover ,Adhesive tape (medical, crescent shaped) for attaching stoma bags, Cohesive Paste (e.g. Eakin) ,Hyrdoframes,Ostoguard barrier cream, Skin protective film (e.g. Cavilon, LDF etc.) & wipesWashers,  Gel – deodorising & lubricating, Menalind Pro (+ creatine) Cleaning Spray

Stoma bags – colostomy 

Urostomy bags

Wheelchairs in good condition (foldable)

Wigs in good condition.

Wound mattresses