Join a sponsored "row" from London to Bucharest (or Bucharest to London!) to help raise funds for the salary of at least one nurse for Hospice Casa Sperantei, Romania (15,000)

London to Bucharest is 1,500 miles. It takes approximately 1 hour to row a mile and we hope to find 150 rowers who will row 10 miles each. 

With the start of the new year, why not take the opportunity to set yourself a personal goal of rowing 10 miles whilst fundraising for Hospices of Hope. If you don't have a rowing machine, you can still take part by improvising with something that represents a boat and a couple of pieces of wood, or even broom handles for oars!!

You can row for as long as you like and take as long as you like to cover the 10 miles. Just keep a record of the time and take a picture of yourself doing it for the website. Be as creative as possible!

Graham, our CEO and Founder, is the first to volunteer and you can watch his video message here. He is using a kiddies inflatable boat and two pieces of wood found in the garden!


If 150 rowers raise £100 each in sponsorship, that will raise the annual salary of one nurse, but we hope that might even be able to cover the salaries of more than one! We have been able to raise 5 months already, so lets keep rowing! As you can imagine the situation in Romania is extremely challenging and the hospice has been hit hard by the corona virus problems. 

Fundraising has been hit hard in Romania, there is little help from the government, yet we have been inundated by referrals of patients in the advanced stages who desperately need our help. Our hospices have remained open, and many of our patients are receiving care at home or through video technology. We want to be able to continue this help.

Set up your fundraising page either on our website or through Virgin Money Giving. You will find all the details you need below. Please let your friends and contacts know about this event so that as many possible get involved.

THANK YOU on behalf of all the staff and patients in Romania who need our help at this difficult time!

I understand that there is a risk of injury associated with participating in any physical activity.
I confirm that I am in good physical health and fit to take part in this event.
To the extent that I am legally able to do so, I assume full responsibility for any and all injuries that I incur while participating in the Hospices of Hope Row-mania challenge and waive all claims against the organising charity for any such injuries that I might incur. 
I confirm that I will follow all government guidelines whilst taking part in this challenge. In addition, I grant permission for the organisers to use any and all images or film (video/moving content) that I share either on social media or via email, and I allow these images to be used in marketing materials including but not limited to online, print and broadcast media.
I understand that by signing up below, I consent to the above.

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