LA Marathon

Run the LA Marathon 2018 for Hospices of Hope and give hope to children with life threatening, life limiting and rare conditions in Eastern Europe.

Our strategy is to increase access to free hospice care so that everyone suffering from terminal or life-limiting illness in South East Europe receives suitable end of life care. We do this by working with our country partners in Romania and Serbia and directly through our own charity in Moldova. Our long term strategy is to work in other countries in the region. We provide funding to our country partners. But we cannot achieve full access to hospice care simply by providing funding. So we work with state and other organisations in devising and developing national strategies for end of life care. We provide advice and technical expertise.

Our purpose-built hospices in Romania provide best practice in hospice care and medical training and act as models for other organisations to follow. Our new hospice in Serbia and the children’s centre in Copaceni will set similar standards. We also work with our country partners to achieve reforms in national health legislation or practice.


March 18, 2018


Dodger Stadium
1000 Elysian Park Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90012


6:30 am – Wheelchairs
6:42 am – Handcycles
6:45 am – Elite Women
6:55 am – Elite Men & Full Field


Intersection of Ocean Ave & California Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90401

From Last Year’s LA Marathon 2017

Hospices of Hope raised over 220,000 Euros at the 2017 Los Angeles Marathon, for children with life-limiting conditions in Romania. Hospices of Hope team ran for the second consecutive year at the LA Marathon, one of the largest competitions of its kind, held on March 19 in the United States. The six members of the team have raised more than 220,000 Euros, funds that will be used to develop the HOSPICE socio-medical center at Aduna?ii Cop?ceni in Romania, near Bucharest, that offers free services to children that suffer from a life-limiting illness and to their families. The team of runners consisted of R?zvan Sin, Tim Wilkinson, Titus Capilnean, Vlad Buc??, Vlad Ghica and Alex P?dureanu, who were supported by Kaufland and Telus companies, long-term partners of Hospices of Hope, and by dozens of individual.