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Find out about our charity partners in the USA and the work they are doing fundraising for our work providing palliative care services and hospices in Romania, Serbia, Moldova and Albania

We need your prayer support more than ever at this time.

I am aware that there are so many things going on in the world at the moment, that it is hard to know where to start,  so I will keep this bulletin very brief.

I shared with the team at the beginning of this crisis that we should pray for 3 things in good measure: faith to overcome fear, wisdom to make the right decisions and pragmatism to act when needed.

Please could you pray particularly for the following:

1. The situation in Romania is particularly difficult. Cancer patients and patients with chronic illnesses have been suddenly discharged from some of the hospitals in Bucharest to make way for coronavirus patients – they are understandably feeling abandoned, confused and fearful about the future. Please pray that our teams in Romania, including in the rural areas, will be able to continue working so that they can help some of these very vulnerable people.


2. Protective equipment is very hard to find in the countries we work in and disinfectants are in short supply. Please pray for the protection of all our staff who understand the risks and still want to help the patients. Please pray that we will find a supply source for the protective equipment that we need. SOS! This is becoming an urgent need!


3. In order for our country partners to survive into the future they have had to suspend a number of activities (such as day care centres where people meet in groups). This means they have  also needed to reduce the salaries of some of the staff temporarily.  This is so difficult when we know there are few social safety-nets in the countries we work in and the governments provide very little support for charities. Please pray that the staff will be understanding and helped to cope. Please pray that Hospices of Hope will receive enough income to help them as much as possible over this very difficult period.


4. There is a huge burden on the shoulders of the CEO’s and country managers of the organisations that we support. Please pray for special wisdom for them at this time. Mirela (Romania), Vera (Serbia), Raluca (Moldova and Albania).


5. The situation in Albania has been made worse by the recent earthquake. There are still people living on the streets after losing their houses. Please pray that our teams there will be able to continue showing compassion to these desperate people , despite all their own challenges


6. We have had to close our Moldova office for the time being, but the home-care teams are continuing to work. Please pray that they will keep safe. There is so much poverty in this country already and the hospitals will be unable to cope if the virus spreads.

Thank you to all of you who pray for Hospices of Hope. I continually think of the words in Psalm 61:

"When my heart grows faint, lead me to the ROCK that is higher than I!"

Many thanks for your support and continued interest.

Kind regards,