A Special Appeal

We have been asked by many of our supporters if we are in a position to help the people of Ukraine, who are currently facing the most horrendous situation. Hospices were first set up in the Middle Ages to help pilgrims who had fallen sick on their journeys. Our mission is to support the development of hospice care and palliative care education in South East Europe. Although we have not yet set up any direct services in Ukraine, we have a long standing relationship with some palliative care teams in the country through our training programmes and have welcomed many of them to our residential training centre in Brasov.

How are we helping?


  • We have made available one of the buildings at our Copaceni children’s centre in Romania on a temporary basis to house women and child refugees from Ukraine, in particular those who have medical needs (our services for children will continue in the other buildings)


  • We are in touch with the palliative care teams that we know in Ukraine to find out their current needs, and where possible help them with medications, dressings etc. We have admitted any Ukrainian citizens needing palliative care to our hospice in Bucharest, and will continue to do so


  • We have carefully tailored all our services to support people's social and psychological needs in the early weeks following their traumatic experiences and help them cope with their continuing concerns for family unable to escape with them and their homes and communities.


  • We are helping refugees with basic medicine and food and sending them to their temporary accommodations via our hospice vehicles where we can. Many are crossing the border without transport and have nowhere to turn.


  • We are collecting donations of both medical supplies and food in both countries and distributing them to refugees staying in the area.

  • We are maintaining our current programmes which will prove crucial in the aftermath of this war. Even after the conflict has ended, our work will not be done.

We have set up a restricted account specifically for supporting Ukraine. Every penny* given specifically for Ukraine will be used for the purposes outlined above. Please feel free to share our appeal with anyone you know that might be looking for a way to help.

Thank you for your support.


*10% of restricted donations will cover our vital support costs to enable us to fulfil these projects.